Montezuma’s Revenge

by purveyoroffinemoments

Day two in Montezuma, Costa Rica: Waterfalls, phosphorescent oceans, monkeys, sex, drugs, booze, and expatriots. Lots of them.

People definitely are here to escape. I am almost jealous of how resourceful these individuals are in finding ways to make money and get by abroad. Most have plugged themselves into the booming tourist industry.

These refugees from conventional life are the most interesting people I’ve met thus far. Example: There’s the Atlantan who just took out a a second rental so he could have a place to house each of his Tico lovers. He casually tells me about the precarious situation while we sip on cans of Pilsen and smoke joints. I meet both his lovers. One of the boys was incredibly servile, running and grabbing cans of beer and tobacco from the store on command. Seems like he has a good operation going.

It’s a place foreigners feel like they can come and get away with the unthinkable. And it seems like they can. And it seems like the Ticos don’t really give a fuck. There’s such an influx of money there’s no use resisting. Shits so expensive here. Nicaragua is seeming more and more appealing.

Dont get me wrong, it’s really really cool to see how such diverse groups of people can come together and for the most part coexist. I like it. I am just not vibing on Montezuma. Time for me to catch the next bus.