Xanax and Cocktails: or how The bag lady learned to stop worrying and let go of her crap

by purveyoroffinemoments

So I retract the two prior posts I was going to write. I’m on the LAX flyaway bus on my way to the airport in what has been a hectic, to say the least, day. Sorry if the posts have typos or errors. I’m writing from my iPhone. In pure Joanna Kaufman fashion I have been wandering on public transit all day to get to…Xanax and cocktails.

I’m just here in the now.

I could die in a plane crash for all I know. In fact this is all I know, which is where the Xanax comes in handy. This is the time to surrender control and let whatever happens just flow.

I still have to find an envelope and a mailbox to send off a couple of important items before I go into the terminal. I’m just glad I have that extra chromosome making me able to stay sane in days of long travel. At one point today I transported a full xl messenger bag, a full tote bag, a full pillow case, and two skate decks from Riverside to my parents house by bus. I still have bits of my material belongings floating around different parts of Southern CA.

I left my room a mess.

I never told my parents about my trip or moving back in.

Fuck it.