Coming home

by purveyoroffinemoments

I just wrote painfully long post about being scared to move home and to tell my parents about my upcoming trip.  Then I deleted it.

Basically, my family has problems (mental and physical), I have to move back home for a couple weeks before the trip(because I’m poor) and marinate in the problems while trying to stay healthy and happy.  On top of all this I can’t bring myself to tell them that I am moving back home or that I’m leaving in less than a month even though all I want to do is be honest.  Breathe.  Exhale.

I know I can’t run away from my problems, but at least going to this trip will give me the opportunity to reflect on how I can best serve my family.  Now that I have this off my chest I will return to GRE study, travel guides, and getting stoked on my packing list.  I think I’m going to get one of those super compact eno hammocks and my sleeping bag.  I want to be ready to sleep anywhere.