Step One

by purveyoroffinemoments

In almost a month I will do what countless other 20 somethings have done… travel to Central America.  Fortunately, I seek nothing out of this trip other than to not know.  I’m opting out of imagining or dreaming of colorful, lurid scenarios I could find myself in.  Real life has proved itself to be far too exciting already.  The past couple of years have proven to be highly educational.  I really could have never predicted how it transpired.  These last couple weeks in Santa Barbara will be emotion filled.  I don’t really know where I am going and I don’t really know what I am coming back to.  I really do love Santa Barbara, my friends, and my family despite the fucked up things that have happened in slash with all three.  I might come back to Santa Barbara or I might end up somewhere else dramatically gorgeous.  All I know is I need to be somewhere dramatically gorgeous.

So step one has been completed.  I bought my ticket, got my passport, sent in my grad school applications, and bought catastrophic healthcare coverage.  Knowing me I will probably get sick or fuck myself up somehow.  I also plan to spend a lot of time in the water.  AAAnd knowing me I will probably get drunk and so something stupid.  Good thing I know Spanish.

Anyways, I am travelogue-ing because I’m sure one person wants to make sure I am alive… and I want to work on my writing.  Hopefully someone will find some mindless entertainment.  Through the years I’ve mindlessly enjoyed everything my friend Eric has blogged.

So I guess the next step entails figuring out what I need to take with me.  On the advice of a friend I bought some travel guides.  Yay maps!  I just bought this cool daypack from REI (Flash 18 ultralight technical daypack) that all my friends have been raving about.  Good thing the thief who stole my netbook didn’t have the savvy to loot the daypack.  My win.

Signing out from a cubicle in sunny Santa Barbara, con mucho mucho mucho amor,

La Juana